FEB-5-2019      3M: 12.26 0.08%,      6M: 14.43 -0.01%,     1Y: 17.32 -0.21%,     3Y: 14.92 0.01%,     5Y: 14.92 0.01%,     10Y: 15.2 0.02%,     20Y: 15.04 -0.01%,     NIBOR (O/N): 18.93 8.05,     NAFEX: 362.21 -0.50


About Comercio Partners

Comercio Partners, is a limited-liability company in Nigeria with core business in trading fixed income securities and equities as well as providing financial advisory and assets management services to domestic and international investors in the Sub-Saharan African capital market.

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Delivering professional investment and financing services our clients

To be a firm delivering professional investment and financing services to our clients. As professionals we are committed to bridging the huge gap in the financial ecosystem across the spectrum of our clients’ universe.

Comercio Partners

Our corporate aims and objectives

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