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Our Core Competencies


Our knowledge of the Nigerian equities market, especially the organized exchanges of The Nigerian Stock Exchange and the NASD OTC Plc, is built on years of practical experience working on various listings and capital raising assignments. Beyond the organized exchanges and depending on the needs of our clients, our equity capital market solutions are tailor-made for each client’s need. Our solutions range from raising private equity capital to listing on organized exchanges.


The core activities of the Trading and Investment Management arms of Comercio Partners Limited, which are performed in the debt capital market, underly our understanding of the dynamics of the market. We also leverage on the combined experience of our founding Partners which was garnered over 3 decades while working for various leading multinational banks. Building on our double-edge experience (Trading and Investment) in the space which continue to generate superior returns year-on-year, our advice to our DCM clients are informed by solutions which have been tested on various grounds, proven to be resilient and certain to deliver value to their businesses. Our DCM solutions are built on our knowledge and experience of the organized debt markets and the private debt capital space.


Our M&A solutions to our clients are proposed based on clients’ request and after the review of their peculiar circumstances to ascertain that the solution is the best-fit to meet their needs. Also, depending on the range of solutions available and the quantitative and qualitative implications of each solution, we may recommend our M&A solution to our clients. We work hand-in-hand with the other entities in an M&A deal to ensure that equitable and fair bases are established for determining the values of the entities in the M&A deal. Determining value for our clients are built not only on their intrinsic value computed on a stand-alone basis, but also considering the synergies that will be realized over and above the simple one-to-one addition of the merging businesses.


Our financial advisory services form our first level of engagement with most of our clients on Equity Capital Market, Debt Capital Market, and Mergers & Acquisition. The peculiar operating and financing nature of each of our clients and the need to make them ready for potential investment inform their need for our financial advisory services. Our services in this respect range from identifying the current capital mix of our clients, determining the optimum capital mix for them given the peculiar nature of their operations and the industry they operate in, recommending the necessary changes to be made to achieve the optimum mix, and guiding our clients in the implementation of those changes.

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