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Top Investment Company in Nigeria

Comercio Partners stands out as one of the most diverse investment companies in Nigeria. With core businesses in trading, investments and providing financial advisory services, we are focused on developing investment strategies that are unique to each client.

Registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Nigeria, we trade fixed income securities, equities and derivatives. Our principal investments span across various industries including ICT consulting, hospitality services and artificial intelligence. Additionally, we provide our clients with financial advice on equity capital market, debt capital market, assets management, mergers & acquisition – giving them a bedrock upon which to drive their financial decisions.

Explore Our Services

Focused on fixed income securities, equities and derivatives. We trade principal funds and execute mandates on behalf of our clients on various financial market products.

We offer asset management services including attractive investment and switch proposals by investing third party funds into different asset classes across Africa.

Our knowledge of the Nigerian financial sector is built on years of practical experience working on various listings and capital raising assignments.

Innovation and Diversity

At Comercio Partners, we pride ourselves in innovation – making impact as a visionary investment company in Nigeria. We do this by continually introducing relevant investment products that cater to all classes of investors. We listen to our clients and build on feedback. The result – a partnership that enables them to comfortably pursue their financial interests in treasury bills, real estate and other lucrative financial instruments.

Comercio Partners Asset Management (CPAM) aims to constantly generate superior, risk adjusted returns to our High Net-worth, Institutional and Retail clients.

ComPass offers a more bespoke, personalized and focused investment experience by strategically profiling its clients, based on their financial goals.

TradeFi enables individuals invest in Federal Government of Nigeria Bonds (FGN) and Treasury Bills directly from their phone, laptop or tablet.